Dr. al-Hamedi attacked [Archives:2003/666/Local News]

September 8 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana'a, Sept. 6_ Director of Al-Jumhuri public hospital Dr. Abdullah al-Hamedi in Sana'a was attacked by 5 unidentified gunmen last Wednesday while he was leaving his house at al-Asbahi area.
His left shoulder was seriously injured and was also bruised in several parts of his body. He was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment.
Mr. al-Hamedi told the Yemen Times that he was attacked by 5-armed men. “They carried cudgels and light weapons with them. No room for conversing was even allowed. I was also severely knocked with butts of their weapons,” he said.
“When I tried to resist, they shot fires in the air just to scare me and to make me surrender under threat of cudgels. I fought tooth and nails, they ultimately escaped ” he added.
As for why they attack him, Dr. al-Hamedi said, “It seems that the gang has been incited by an unknown cowardly body. They want to settle an account with me through betrayal and cowardliness. It is by no means an civilized act,” he concluded.
Eyewitnesses said the gunmen were big-bodied in their 30s. “They were continuously present in the vicinity in a car waiting for Dr. al-Hamedi to come out of his house. They also tried to hide their weapons inside their car. No one knows what they hiding in their car,” another eyewitness said.
Dr. al-Hamedi has not accused anybody for the attack. He had only reported the incident to the police.