Dr. Bilqees Al-Hadrani to the Yemen Times:”We’ve participated with 35 candidates in coordination with the Joint Meeting parties” [Archives:2003/633/Community]

April 27 2003

Baghdad along with Saddam Hussein has fallen to the Anglo-American occupation. But, what about the Baath Party in Yemen, will it collapse as that of Baghdad. The Baath party affiliation has been deeply rooted in the past for more than 50 years.
Yemen Times journalist, Mohammed Bin Sallam, met with one of Baath party distinguished female figures in Yemen, Dr. Bilqees Al-Hadran.

Q: How will the fall of Baghdad influence the Baath Arab Socialist party's Yemen Organization? And will you participate in the coming elections? If yes, with how many candidates?
A: A stronger and more firmly in our beliefs and objectives as the Baath party adopts and preaches since its establishment in the early parties. The objectives are Unity, Liberty and Socialism. We as Baathy members consider them as substantial elements for building the unified and social Arab society and fulfilling our National dreams; the Arab Renaissance and project. We could say that Baath party in Iraq as a ruling party succeeded in achieving a good example, which could be an example to be followed if you were to examine the infrastructure, technology, education, medical and other development in which Iraq was a leading country. As you remember the Americans and the “Israelis” were extremely worried and annoyed when the Iraqi Scientists managed to control the unmanned drone planes and reprogram on which they operate. These principles which allowed Iraqis women to participate in all aspects of life and to excel in all the fields. As for the coming election, we will participate with 35 candidates in coordination with the joint Meeting Parties.

Q: There are several regional parties in various Arab countries that follow the central National head quarters in Baghdad, how will these operate from now on? And what about electing a new head quarters elsewhere?
A: Let me start with the second question. The national head quarter is not abolished or canceled because it is elected not nominated, therefore it is still a legitimate leadership. And if any thing happened to it, changes and procedures would be done according to the negation and constitution of the Baath party, which goes as, mentioned to 1947. For the possibility of moving its location from Baghdad to any other Arab country, I can assure you that there is no hindrance except taking into consideration the political circumstance and the American pressures on Arab regimes. In the past the National head quarter has offices once in Damascus and another time in Lebanon. Going back to your question about how these parties going to operate ” now” I would emphasize that the relationship between the regional parties and the National head quarter, which happened to take place in Baghdad as the capital of Baath revolution, is a moral and historical. It is based on adopting the basic any great objectives, which are “Unity”, “Liberty” and Socialism as inseparable and chorine objectives. Each regional party drams his programs and strategy from these objectives given a large space for different interpretation and visions according to the particularities of each Arab country.

Q: How do you see the public stand? And what about democracy in Yemen, do you think it will be more or less effective in the future?
A: Our people are highly patriotic and have a very deep sense of belonging to the Arab and Islamic world. Since ages Yemeni people have carried the message of Islam to the rest of the world and proved worthy of the praise that had been bestowed on them. Yemeni people have condemned this attack on Iraq strongly, for it is not only an attack on one country by on all the Arabic and Islamic nations as a whole. So it would not be strange that they sympathized and empathized with their brothers and sisters in Iraq.
The most that we aspire for today is that the country goes through honest and clean elections. Let's hope that the government and all the political party take their responsibility in making these elections work in a respectable manner under the regulations of the law. This way democracy not only will increase in Yemen but also the country would move to a better situation and a more free and liberal life.

Q: So what are the main principles of the Baath party and what do they signify?
A: As I mentioned our objectives which we consider them as great National objectives for the Arab Renaissance. Unity Freedom and Socialism as I mentioned are our objective, which we consider as the pretest National objectives for the Arab Renaissance. Our belief in “Unity” strengthening day after day when all people feel how week is the “country-stale” which could not achieve any kind of a true progress or prosperity nor either stability or security for its people, unity is our belief for power, strength and dignity come when all the Arab countries are together, they don't come with partition and divisions. This is the reason why our countries are weak today. The European union despite the differences between its members. For they've different languages, histories, ethnic and despite the long and bloody wars which they have gone through, Nevertheless, these countries could achieve their European union. While we as having one language, culture and history and facing the same challenges and threats we could not take any serious procedures to achieve this target. The freedom we seek is not the freedom of individuals only it is more important for us the freedom of nations and people. To be able to choose their destiny, independence and to take in control their decisions according to the upper national interest. It is not only to able to speak and express one thought. Freedom for us means independence in using resources and utilizing the national interests of the country.
As for “socialism” it means for us equality in distribution and equal chances in everything. To versify production based and open doors for private, mix and government sectors to work on equal bases in away that would enhance the society and improve life for everyone.

Q: In the time while crises take place in the Arab world and Iraq is suffering from American and British occupation, the rest of the Arab world sits and watches, what can you say about the public and official responses will be next?
A: Although, currently Arab people suffering mixed feeling of shock, anger and frustration, signs of objection and protest are giving ways to revolting which will eventually overwhelming all conspiring regimes. Those who are seen as tools at the hand of the Zionist American to achieve the Zionist dream ” your land Israel is from Al-Furat to the Nile”. We have seen Baghdad the capital of deep rooted civilization, the symbol of the Arab -Islamic caliphate is being slain by the same knife which gives the green light for the terrorist Sharon to slay our brothers and sisters in Palestine. While Arab wealth and oil being subjected to the increasing appetite of the invasive and expanding Imperialistic Americans most Arab leaders give no consideration to the national interest nor give any respect to the interest of their people who are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, illness and backwardness. Surely Arab people today are becoming increasingly aware, awake and capable of making historical evaluation, in a sense that the invading forces and the enemies of the Arab nation can not continue deceiving them and exploiting their wealth. People will not long stand ” outside and internal” tyranny and oppression. We have seen the masses coming out to the streets to demonstrate not only in the Arab world but all over the world including United State and Britain rejecting and condemning the war on Iraq as unjust and aggressive war which violated all the laws and charter of the united nation. The Anglo American aggression was condemned by the Security Council itself. Nevertheless, they led this war which Arab and Moslems consider it as a crusade in addition to its colonial dimensions thus exposing the international order peace, stability and Security to violence terrorism, hatred and the unknown future.