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June 26 2003

By Rasha Jurhum
For the Yemen Times

Dr. Mariam Nour, a well known teacher and a spokesperson, experienced in the Macrobiotic field for more than 30 years, and a PhD in naturopath doctorate, has given several lectured on Monday 23rd June at the Culture Center in Sanaa about macrobiotics and self-healing approaches.

Who is Mariam Nour?
Mariam Nour was a victim of the big 'C' breast cancer. She came from a family who suffered from cancer generation after generation.
In contrast to the other family members, she refused to undergo the cancer operations.
She said, I asked my doctor why did this decease come to me? He said “I don't know but you have to undergo the operation to save your life.” She replied, “If you don't know the source of the disease, how can you be so sure that an operation is the cure? Are you running an experiment on me?”
Ever since then, Mariam searched for alternative treatment and discovered macrobiotics. She employed it to herself, and now, 32 years after the incident, she is still alive and healthier than ever.
Trying to identify herself, Mariam says, “Born in Lebanon seventy years ago, I went to schools and universities, got married and divorced, and I worked in media many times. I went to Europe and than America and India and more. I studied macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and since then, I am a student in the university of the universe (UU), which is the only place, and space to live your choice. And my choice is macrobiotics as a way of life not eating. I started many macrobiotic centers in America and Sama center was one of the best on the planet.”
About her career in the media, Mariam said, “A few years ago, I came to Lebanon to start a center in my country and my first step was the Al-Jazeera screen where my heart screamed to the world “Wake up now and watch out what you are eating! Since then I am on many TVs. Now I have a daily show on New TV. The most powerful truth in the Arab world to share with the viewers the secrets of our being, body, mind and soul. I love to read new age books, macrobiotics and alternative medicine, I studied N.D. Naturapath Doctor at Clayton University, USA. I am an American citizen but I declare myself as a citizen of the planet.
As for her social life, Mariam reveals, “I do not have a social life. All what I do is what I love to be, no matter what I say, silence is the only language to truth.”
Mariam believes that healing ones self comes from within, as she says that “knowing yourself is the first step on this trip. Let's join hands and hearts and heal our lives and our mother earth and may peace prevail on this planet.”
As for the allegations that she intends to impose ideas on views, Mariam responds, “People say I am brainwashing people. No, I am not brainwashing people. I am certainly washing their brains – and I believe in dry cleaning!”

Mariam explained in her lectures in Sanaa that macrobiotic is a Greek word meaning a 'preventive and remedial approach' that takes into account the evolution of humanity, our relationship to the environment, and our individual needs aiming to maintain good health and decrease the likelihood of sickness; and which is also used therapeutically for those who are already ill and wish to employ natural means of self-healing. She affirms that this was actually derived from Islam and reported by Salman al-Farisi from our prophet Mohammad (SAS).

Macrobiotic diet
Dr. Marimam explained the macrobiotic diet by simply asking the audience to look at their teeth. There are 32 teeth, 20 for eating grains; 8 incisors to eat vegetables, grains, and beans, and 4 canines to eat organic animal food.
According to this, our meal should contain:
– 50-60 % by weight: whole cereal grains, including brown rice, millet, barley, oats, wheat, crops, rye and other grains. This also includes grain products such as noodles, couscous, bulgur, pasta and various sourdough breads.
– 5- 10 % soup, consisting one to two cups bowls a day prepared primarily with vegetables from land and sea and seasoned with miso, shoyu, or sea salt and sometimes prepared as bean soup, grain soup.
– 25-30% vegetables including root, round, and green and white leafy vegetables, prepared in a variety of ways, including about two-thirds cooked and up to one-third raw such as salad and pickles.
– 5-10% beans, bean products and sea vegetables such as a duki beans, chick beans, or lentils, tofu, tempeh or other bean products, and kombu wakame, nori and other sea vegetables.

Mariam Nour and Yemen
Dr. Nour said she found Yemen as a country with a healthy environment for living. The architecture of Sanaa's old buildings was designed to provide a healthy environment to human beings. She was impressed by the fact that simple Yemeni men, with no modern education accomplish such fabulous architectural work.
She also expressed her amazement of Yemeni food and expressed her surprise at the high rate of cancer victims in Yemen. She asking how can a country with such a healthy environment have so many unhealthy people. She said she would like to carry out studies about this phenomenon.

What the future holds
Mariam hopes to launch a house like Dar al Salam in Lebanon to teach macrobiotics and treat people. She also said she will dedicate 10 minutes of her 'Lamsat Noor' show to the Yemeni Satellite channel to promote nutrition awareness in Yemen.

10 steps to strengthen
health from Mariam Nour

1. Sit down to regular meals every day .
– Sitting down prepares you physically and mentally to receive nourishment. Your digestive system relaxes and is able to digest food and absorb nutrients better.
– Sitting down makes you more conscious about what you eat. You will appreciate and enjoy your food more.
– Eat 2 to 3 meals every day at regular times.
– Eating at the same every day helps to regulate your physical, emotional and mental cycles.
– You will feel, think, work and sleep better.

2. Eat slowly and chew your food well.
– This will help you digest your food well and help prevent overeating.
– Thorough chewing also makes you feel more satisfied and improves the flavor and enjoyment of your food.

3. Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.
– Your body cleans and repairs itself while you sleep. These processes are most efficient when your stomach is empty.
– This will give your digestive system, liver and kidneys a rest when you sleep.
It also helps you sleep more deeply and for a shorter time.

4. Eat grains and vegetables with every meal.
– Plan your meals around grains instead of animal or dairy products.
– Grains and grain products like brown rice, barley, oats, polenta, good quality pasta and sourdough breads, etc., are the centerpiece of every meal.
– Grains provide the basis foe balanced nutrition and help regulate your appetite and improve digestion and elimination.
– Eat at least 1 vegetable dish with every meal, including breakfast.
– Vegetable dishes complete cereal grains nutritionally and help you feel satisfied.
– Green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cabbage supply calcium and vitamin C.
– Use a variety of cooking styles such as blanching, steaming and sauteing, etc. and vary the combinations of vegetables often.

5. regularly incorporate a variety of natural, healthy foods into your diet.
– Choose from beans, soy products, white fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, snacks and sweets.
– Vary your meals every day.

6. Have 1 or 2 bowls of vegetable soup every day.
– Use a variety of vegetables and change the combinations often.
– Add grains, beans, noodles, bread or fish to soup occasionally.
– Season your mildly with sea salt, shoyu (natural soy sauce) or miso (soybean paste).

7. Rub your body with a hot, damp cloth 1 to 2 times everyday.
– Fold a cotton wash cloth over twice, dip in hot water, ring out and rub gently in a back and forth motion.
– Do it before or after a bath or shower, or by itself.
– It takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
– The Body Rub deeply cleans your skin and activates circulation and energy. It will improve all aspects of your physical, emotional and mental health.

8. Walk for 30 minutes every day.
– Walking is the ideal exercise for everyone. It improves flexibility, digestion, energy, cardiovascular health, strengthens bones and helps clear your mind.
– They can be two 15 minute wealks.

9. Wear pure cotton clothing next to your skin.
– Pure cotton caries a more neutral electrical charge that helps to neutralize and harmonize imbalances in your body.
– It also helps to protect against harmful electromagnetic fields in the environment.
– Synthetics carry a static electric charge that increases imbalances in your body.
– They can worsen your health more quickly.

10. Surround yourself with green plants.
– Green plants are the most effective and efficient air filtration system known.
– Your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are most important.
– They help reduce air, electromagnetic and noise pollution more effectively than any mechanical system.
– Green plants also help you feel more bright, positive and energetic.