Dr. Raoofa Hassan Advisor of AWCTR [Archives:2000/24/Local News]

June 12 2000

Dr. Raoofa Hassan signed an agreement with the UN office New York to work for the Arab Woman Center for Training and Research as an advisor to the UN office. This agreement was within the framework of support the center is receiving from the office in terms of strategic studies about the concerns and problems facing Arab women. These studies are concentrated on a number of important topics, including:
1) Drawing up a working strategy for establishing two networks for cooperation with the center focusing on the subject of globalization and its effects on women in the Arab region. Other topics are focused on woman adolescence as it is the most essential period to form one’s character.
Researches will be evaluated according to the priorities dealt with in the region and their contribution to point some critical strategies to solve some of the pending issues in the Arab women community.
Some of the topics on the agenda of Dr. Raoofa will focus on:
Helping the center to plan projects that could be supported internationally. The Arab Women Center for Training and Research is a regional Arab center which aims at becoming an information reference on Arab women. The center is funded by the Tunisian government, Arab League, UNDP, EU, Gulf Program for supporting UN’s organizations. It is expected that Dr. Raoofa is going to make this center work on a broader humane scope for she was very instrumental when she was in charge of the Practical Research and Women Studies at Sana’a University that is considered to be the first academic women center in the Arab World.