Dr. Rosa refutes claims [Archives:2005/835/Health]

April 21 2005

Dr. Rosa al-Aghbari, like dozens of qualified doctors working at the General Police Hospital, has suffered considerably. For almost one decade, people have been complaining about the management of the Police Hospital to no official response.

The deputy at the concerned ministry backs the current management. The current condition of the medical staff is a poor sign and stands in contradiction to official media discourse on development issues and the importance of medical staff rendering services to soldiers and ordinary citizens.

Here, Dr. Rosa responds to the Hospital's reply published in a previous issue:

“The letter in response to my article contained lies and distorted facts. As for my relations with my colleagues in the workplace, they are good and have no problems. If there was any dispute, it was for the sake of improving services. You may refer to the petition signed by 60 doctors' and presented to the Hospital's management.

“Concerning my commitment to work