Dr. Saqqaf in the living memory [Archives:2000/23/Focus]

June 5 2000

By: Bashar Ghazi Askar
To talk about the late Dr. Saqqaf is to associate him with transparency, gentleness, nobility, strong personality, accountability and all those gentle pristine conduct in life. As a translator in the Yemen Times, I have known him as a man of daring standpoint, intelligence, diligence and conscientiousness. In fact, the man was with so many multi-cultural facets and concerns. He was greatly liked and respected among the intellectuals as well as the ordinary people. Furthermore, he was a man of passion, enthusiasm, humanism and patriotism with an indomitable spirit.
To talk about him is to talk about his ambitions, aspirations and generous character. His love for Yemen was beyond limits. His monomaniac obsession was Yemen. On a personal level, one feels this sense of his human warmth, repartee and sense of humor. Such a man is not only a loss to his family, friends and well-wishers in life; he is a loss to his country, nation and humanity. For all of these characteristics and genicies,one should bow down and give a tribute to him. After all, he is never forgotten and would continue to be live in the living memory.