Dr. Sharafi gives lecture on:HOPe is the only way to peace [Archives:2003/644/Local News]

June 23 2003

Dr. Mohammed Al-Sharafi, a prominent neuro-psychiatric and founder of the Human Optimum Psyche' (HOPe) Forum said he will be giving a lecture on his theory on HOPe and how it can lead the way for peace and for abolishing fundamentalist and terrorist ideas and activities.
“I believe this will be an opportunity for many interested in psychology to see the source of the problem of terrorism, which clearly contradicts with Islam. HOPe is a simple approach to find then heal the source of the problem from within one's mind and soul, and hence convert a potential terrorist to an active individual in the society with tolerant, peaceful, and constructive views and approaches.” Dr. Al-Sharafi said.
The lecture is scheduled to take place in the morning of Thursday July 3 at the Yemen Times premises in Sanaa.