Draft law for YJS to be presented to government soon [Archives:2002/27/Local News]

July 1 2002

Mr. Mahboob Ali, the vice chairman of Arab Journalists Association (AJA), and the chairman of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) said the YJS has completed drafting a law for the YJS.
He told Yemen Times that the YJS in collaboration with legislators and advocate has finished preparing a draft law for the YJS which will be presented to the government to be approved of, and then sent to the parliament to be debated and passed. He said that they will make use of the exemplary law of the Arab press the AJA approved of in October, 2001. Copies of this law were presented to Arab leaders in the Amman Arab Summit.
He stressed that the law of YJS will define the journalism in Yemen; ensure all the rights of journalist as well as remove all the heavy penalties against journalists that violate the law and freedom of expression sanctioned in the constitution. It will also include a code of ethics.