Drawing maps of cultural and historical Protectorates [Archives:2005/895/Local News]

November 17 2005


SANA'A- Nov. 13- The General Authority for Conservation of historical cities have started to draw maps of a number of cities and areas in the capital secretariat, in order to preserve them as cultural and historical sites.

Head of the authority, Dr. Abdulla Zaid Isa, announced that the maps will specify the areas of Beer Al-azab, Al-qabil village in Wadi Dhahr, Haddah village, Sana' village, Raodhah town, Atan village and Bait Bos village in order to prevent any damage to these areas and preserve their old architecture, the maps will also identify several historical and touristy areas.

General Authority for Historical Cities will open new branches during 2006 in other historical cities, like those of Tareem, Saada, Amran Al-hujurain, Shibam Kokaban and Shiharah, in order to supervise in the carrying-out of preservation projects, remove damages and keep the best architectural appearance for each city and site.