Dream in reality [Archives:2008/1205/Community]

November 6 2008

By Abdulwahab abdulQawi Alsofi
[email protected]

After midnight, I met him. The warm meeting was beyond description. We burst into tears. We had been separated since 1995. He was my grandfather. He started to narrate his position, which was not understandable. Then, he asked me to explain everything about my life. He was eager to listen as if he hearing an exciting story. But in fact, it was a story of tragedy. I now have ten children. My salary has increased by two- thousand rials more, but I cannot conceal that the house owner, which I live in, increased the rent by five- thousand rials as well.

My grandfather, please keep your chest wide, because I have opened a painful file. I cannot close it until I relieve my feelings and explain to you everything. He looked at me strangely and said; haven't built a house yet? You still pay rent? Yes, I do not have a house, because I still have no stability. I feel I am an expatriate in this country, I answered. He started to blame me; you work all day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and you are unable to make a house?

I will build a house when I will get the land. Our government promised some teachers in Hodeidah province they would distribute land around ten years ago. The project is still under negotiation. Hope is there. Haven't I told you that I pay about YR. 10000 monthly for electricity and water bills? I am waiting for the prices to go down but each year becomes worse than the earlier. A sack of flour costs YR. 6500. Every day I buy 150 loafs of bread to my children. Each loaf costs YR.10. Moreover, an egg costs YR. 25. We are struggling in order to teach our children, but they are ignorant in their schools.

He was leaning on a rock and sat to say; it is better to get them to learn at religious institutes. Alas! My grandfather, they were changed into schools 8 years ago. It is said that they were bringing out terrorists whom America is fighting. I am sorry my grandfather to upset you. I have many concerns, debts and a lot of anxiety.

Therefore, my grandson, it is better to follow me than this torture. Be sure, you will be very comfortable, he said. You are right my grandfather but hopefully I need to get my M.E.D degree, I said. Please, my grandfather, invoke Allah to help me this year to finish my research. I am in a dilemma my grandfather, I added. Tell me I may help you, he said. My friends and I joined M.ED program in Hodeidah university, but we are not able to research as the library lacks many resources especially in our specialization, I said. I will send you my dear as many resources as you want provided that you perform excellently in your dissertation, he said. Do not worry, my grandfather, all the students here who studied in this program got excellent marks without the existence of enough resources in the library of the college.

Consequently, what will the degree be after getting enough resources? What will we get when you send your valuable resources to us? I asked. You will become very good because the more you read the better you get .Unlike this, in our country the more you work the more trouble you get into, he said sadly. I feel sleepy my grandson. Next time, bring me a bundle of Qat to listen to you without getting upset. Do you still chew Qat?

Yes, of course, I will not sleep unless I chew it, I answered. We chew Qat to forget about our troubles in the day and to think at night. He said, when I was in a comfortable life, I never tasted Qat; I do not feel with trouble. If our livelihood is a full of anxiety, we should improve luxuriously our bed at least. However, nightmares chase us night and day.

While I was talking with my head bowed towards the ground, I raised my head to notice that my grandfather slept. Suddenly I woke up out of a deep sleep with a loudly braying donkey next to my window. It was my neighbor's donkey. I wish it could have brayed at midnight to break my sorrowful dream.