Drug-traffickers caught [Archives:2004/784/Local News]

October 25 2004

The national security forces, at one of its checkpoints, arrested two men having in their possession 1,750 kg of hashish recenlty in al-Sawm, 85 km east of Say'un in Hadramout.
Sources say one of the men escaped from prison next day. He had been trafficking drugs in the past.
Security forces are still searching for him.
Drug trafficking in Yemen increased recently because drugs merchants exploit Yemen and use it as a transit station through which to pass to the neighboring countries.
The primary court held its hearing before the vacation of Ramadan to look into an issue of which three Yemenis and two Pakistanis were blamed for drug trafficking.
One of them, Abdurahman, was married to a daughter of a high-ranking official working for the political security office. He is thought to have manipulated his family links to secure himself from interrogation and possible imprisonment.