Due to mishandle of arms Protestors demand restriction of bearing arms [Archives:2005/879/Front Page]

September 22 2005


SANA'A-Sept. 19- Hundreds of people walked in the streets in protest against the mishandling of arms. They converged at the Parliament, claiming the concerned authorities to limit the phenomenon of bearing and owing arms.

Among protestors were numerous officials from civil community organizations, members of the Child Parliament, pressmen, and others who shared the cause. This demonstration is considered to be the first one organized against the phenomenon of bearing and owing arms.

Protestors repeated a chorus of disapproval; others marched with the slogan “Not for bearing arms”, and others raised different slogans, expressing the danger of arms.

In a statement to Yemen Times, Mr. Abdul-Rahamn al-Marwani, the head of Al-Salam Social Organization, said that different demonstrations in some governorates had already taken place along the same lines. ” First I want to tribute all those who came and cooperated with us to achieve our goal. This demonstration is an attempt to exert pressure on the Parliament Members so that they will set restrictions for bearing arms. We urge both the public and civil organizations to stand united in this regard. The question is not about political interest but about our national safety. Owing arms poses a threat to each and every one of us.” At the end of his statement, Mr. Abdul-Rahman al-Marwani, for the most part, laid the responsibility on the Parliament Members, confirming that ignoring such a cause is ignoring the rights of the Yemeni people.

General Secretary of Culture Bridges Forum, Mr.Jamal Al-Awadhi, made a statement for YEMEN TIMES about the demonstration. He said that such a demonstration is a step forward towards a national conference on bearing arms and the tragic consequences of the misuse of arms. The political interest, he added, figured prominently in organizing the demonstration.

The Prime Minister received the delegation of the demonstration confirming his support for the cause. He said that the Cabinet has already discussed the topic, and it is now referred to the Parliament, being under discussion. This topic, he added, is the demand of the public and similarly the demand of humanity. He confirmed that the phenomenon of bearing arms is far a way from modern civilization and would put Yemen in a position that is not encouraging on the part of investment. Building future is related to and contingent on development and learning as well, and that can be achieved when social peace prevails.

The phenomenon of bearing arms has occupied many writers and politicians alike. Many topics related to this have been issued as well. The consequences of this phenomenon are negative and prove the extent of brutality man has reached. Every now and then we hear of casualties as a result of shooting. The victim is a man, a woman, a child or a mixture of all: the victim of living in a society in which laws are issued over a span of years.