Duet of pain [Archives:2007/1097/Community]

October 25 2007

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

A mere of tears comes loose upon

A maid and a dame's cheeks

Irrigated by a sorrowful fountain

Painting the image of a duet of pain.

Life's malice driving

The wiser into the insane.

With any luck,

All birds drone alluring hymns.

Love has no shameful stain.

It falls in soul profluent

With twangs of rain,

Passing its best

In the river of veins.

Being same

In a thane's blood and a swain's,

A fervent love can be hained.

In the peace fane,

The duct of soul would be so plain.

In veracity,

Love became a big deal of trade,

No more than just a claim state.

It has not become naturally innate.

Only my heart,

For love can translate,

As my soul's waves,

With the dawn's light softly vibrate.

In love's contest

My heart has been chosen

The first and best.

That is why

My gentle song is crammed

With human respect.

Never, never, never,

The lion's eyes have wept!

So, my pain has become a duet.

As usual and maybe soon,

The frames of essence became

As an impassive Goth.

My elation would be quite mute

So, my soul's melody won't lilt

A tempting tune.

Oh, my God!

Kindly save and bless

My vibrant heart.

My cute sense

Always terminates

At a bitter halt

In the rain of my eyes.

My soul's scream

Diving to melt my heart's salt

To gain a deep quietude,

To grow with my innocent root

As my survival cure,

To be more pure

And whiter than a wisp of rime,

Trying to avoid

Life's filth and grime.

Our planet is ill

With a cruel time.

Life's canto,

Written by a doleful rhyme.

Feeling my gone days as dolts,

My wit and reverie chained

By ghost's bolts.

But in my soul's ballroom,

My pretty vibes still dance waltz.