During Press Day in Yemen [Archives:2004/746/Local News]

June 14 2004

Journalists hail President Saleh's initiative to abolish imprisonment of journalists
Yemeni journalists revived on Wednesday June 9th, at the headquarters of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate the Press Day by directing a salute to the President's initiative to abolish the imprisonment of journalists.
The gathered journalists from private, government and political parties' newspapers called for their involvement in the amendment process of the Press and Publishing Law to ensure the implementation of the President's directive to cancel the imprisonment of journalists, which is contrary to the freedom of expression and opinion.
The journalists also welcomed the call by Yemen Journalists Syndicate to halt the quarreling and wrangling of colleagues in the press profession. They called for opposition to any attempt to distort the press profession and its social duty and noble message by anyone inside or outside the profession.