During swearing-in as the Republic of Yemen’s new president:Saleh promises a better Yemen [Archives:2006/985/Front Page]

September 28 2006

By: Nadia Al-Sakkaf
SANA'A, Sept. 27 ) In a short speech during administering of the presidential oath at the Yemeni Parliament yesterday, President Ali Abdullah Saleh promised that his new term will be an opportunity for growth, development and security. Members of Parliament, the ministerial cabinet, ambassadors, military and civic officials and media attended the event.

In his speech, he stated: “We'll work to achieve agricultural and industrial development. We'll work to create new job opportunities for both men and women, enhance the social security network and eradicate poverty. We'll encourage investment and fight terrorism. But most of all, we'll fight corruption in all its forms – political, economic, etc. – and we'll eliminate all those who use authority for personal gain.”

Reflecting on the recent election, he thanked all of those citizens who trusted in and voted for him, as well as the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum for running the elections successfully. He also extended his gratitude to all security personnel who helped ensure safety and security during such intensely exciting times.

Yemeni constitutional regulations state that the presidential term will end Oct. 4. Following the Sept. 20 elections, according to Article 108, the winning candidate has one week to take the constitutional oath in front of the House of Representatives before assuming his responsibilities.

The presidential oath obliges “The president of the republic to materialize the will of the people, respect the constitution and the law, protect national unity and the principles and objectives of the revolution. He shall adhere to the principle of peaceful transition of power, supervise sovereign tasks concerning defense of the republic and foreign policy and exercise his authority according to the constitution.”

The presidential term is seven calendar years from the date the constitutional oath is administered. Article 125 of the Yemeni Constitution states that a presidential decree shall form a Consultative Council of experienced and qualified specialists in order to expand the base of participation through consultation and utilize national expertise and qualifications available throughout Yemen. The law will clarify special rules concerning the council.

Regarding these two aspects particularly, President Saleh promised that he'll shorten the term to five years as it was previously and elect the Shoura Council rather than having the president nominate it.