Dutch Assistance for Workshops in Electricity and NIAS [Archives:1998/01/Local News]

January 5 1998

During December 13-18, 1997, 29 general managers of branches of the Ministry of Electricity participated in a workshop in Hodeidah. The effort, which stressed the need for localized planning and implementation of electric services, was financed through assistance from the Netherlands Government. Engineer Abdulghani Mohammed Mutahhar who coordinated the workshop expressed happiness with the results. “We plan to hold more such workshops given the visible benefits,” he said. The Ministry branches suffer from high inefficiencies and slow reaction to growing needs and demands. At another level, Dutch assistance was also channelled to finance a workshop on human resource development held at the National Institute for Administrative Sciences. The workshop which was held during 22/12-1/1/1998 covered human resource development in the Middle East and the Red Sea. 25 papers were presented at the workshop, of which 4 dealt with Yemen, with specific references to the efforts at the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms and the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Participants came from came from Iran, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, in addition to Yemen.