Dutch Expert Killer Sentenced to Death [Archives:2000/31/Local News]

July 31 2000

Held last week, the South West Court of the Capital Secretariat sentenced to death the killer of the Dutch expert, John Dairak Paul and the chairman of small enterprises, Mohammed Ali Haider, four months ago.
The killer, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Aljedi, has already confessed the murder during the sessions held in the court. The killer claimed to have had killed the two for the sake of ‘Jehad’ and that the Dutch expert was a disbeliever who used to spread infidel beliefs. However, he said that he killed the manager of the project as he did not heed his pieces of advice to return to Allah. Ridiculously enough, he called upon the judge to acquit him. However, the judge stated that the Islamic religion does not sanction the killing of non-Muslims living on Islamic territories.