Dutch Golden Tulip runs Aden hotel [Archives:2005/865/Local News]

August 4 2005

The international company for investment and Tourism has signed a ten year contract with international (Golden Tulip) to run Aden Hotel.

A lunch feast was attended by dignitaries, diplomats and a number of businessmen. Sheikh Abdul-Gawi Al- Maflahi, representative of the owners and general manager welcomed the guests.

In his speech Sheikh Abdul -Gawi said that Golden Tulip owns about 270 hotels all over the world, 21 of these are in the Middle East

He added that Golden Tulip will start operating the hotel at the beginning of next October on the basis of profits partnership, between Aden Golden Tulip and the Arab Company for Investment and Tourism. He also said that Dr. Amil deputy manager of golden Tulip Group, Manager of Flamingo International has paid a visit to Facilitate the arrangements of rehabilitating Aden hotel.

The first phase of rehabilitation will cost 4million dollars. The hand over between Aden hotel and golden Tulip will be within a few days.

Mr. Moris Drawvier, a French national will represent Golden Tulip.

The delegation is expected to meet the commissioner and the other officials in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Mr. Amin Al-Mukaraz, manager of the Golden Tulip hotels and resorts expressed his delight with this agreement, which will add Aden hotel to their international group. He pointed out that the new management will qualify the employees and habilitates the hotel.