E-Learning launched in Yemen [Archives:2004/774/Community]

September 20 2004
Panel of honoring (r-l): Dr. Tawfick Sufian, Dr. Helen Boyle,  Dr, Abdulsalam Al-Jawfi, and Mr. Jamil Al-Khalidi
Panel of honoring (r-l): Dr. Tawfick Sufian, Dr. Helen Boyle, Dr, Abdulsalam Al-Jawfi, and Mr. Jamil Al-Khalidi
Mr. Amin Al-Kaderi, EDC Yemen Office Manager
Mr. Amin Al-Kaderi, EDC Yemen Office Manager
Mr. Wael Hashim, New Horizons Yemen Center Marketing Manager
Mr. Wael Hashim, New Horizons Yemen Center Marketing Manager
Mohammed bin Sallam
The Yemen e-learning project, under the auspices of the ministry of Education and funded by the US embassy and the U.S.Agency for International Development (USAID) completed the first phase of its training program Thursday 16 September.
Twenty teachers and six administrators were trained over the past several weeks on using students centered instructional methods in their classrooms and on basic computer and internet skills. These teachers and administrators will train other teachers in their schools.
The US Embassy and USAID have funded the installation of computer laboratories in five schools in Sana'a and five schools in Aden.
Once teachers are fully trained in using computers and the internet t enrich their classroom resources, they will train their students to use computers and the internet to exchange experience and knowledge vis-a-vis education, teaching and learning.
The closing ceremony for this first phase of the training was attended by several dignitaries including:
His Excellency the minister o education, Dr, Abdulsalam Al-Jawfi.
Mr. Jamil Al-Khalidi, Deputy Minister
Mr. Louis Coronado, Deputy Director of Mission, USAID, Yemen.
Dr. Tawfick Sufian, Vice-rector of Sana'a University and project Director of the learning project for the Education Development Center, Inc.
Dr. Helen Boyle, Director of the center for International Basic Education for Education Development Center, Inc.
Education Development Center, Inc. is an International non-governmental organization with a regional office in Cairo. EDC designed and delivered the training program in student-centered instruction with Yemen colleagues.
World Links, another international NGO and partner on this project, worked with the Yemen-based New Horizons to design and deliver the computer and internet training.
The Minister of Education gave encouragement to the teachers and express his pleasure with their progress. Mr.Coronado expressed his pleasure with quality of the laboratory at the teacher training Institute. Dr.Boyle thanked the teachers for all of their hard work over the past few weeks.
This program is designed to foster connection between the US and Yemen, ultimately forging communication and understanding between teachers and students in both countries, as well as among teachers and students in the Arab world.
Mr. Amin Al-Kaderi, The Yemen Office Manager selection of the candidates for the training was decided to be done in three phases two of which have been already achieved, and the third in preparation.
The first phase was done by the use of an application form; all the secondary teachers of all five schools targeted in Sana'a were asked to fill in the application forms.
In the second phase of the selection, based on specific criterion these forms were screened accordingly and the ten the top finalists from each school were taken for the next phase of selection.
The last phase of the selection was done via an interview. In this regard a committee is suggested to include one representative from MoE, one representative from USAID,EDC educational specialist and EDC project director and project administrator. This committee conducted the interview for the selected ten teacher candidates selected in the second phase in accordance to specific to specific criterion and instruments. This last phase of selection resulted in five finalists from each school. These five teachers from each school were trained to be master trainers.
Wael Hashim New Horizons Marketing Manager;
As New Horizons Computer learning center in Sana'a is the Training center who, trained those teachers, Wael Hashim Marketing Manager has disclosed his pleasure to participate in this event and explain this event as a qualitative transfer to improve education in Yemen in addition to civilization dialogue with the world.
We are at New Horizons intend to strengthening the skills of teachers by giving them additional classes in Ramadan to make revision for what they had and give them additional classes.