Earthquake and rockslide hit Ibb [Archives:2006/1003/Local News]

November 30 2006

IBB, Nov. 29 – A light earthquake hit the district of Al-Qafr a few days ago, but there were no casualties or property loss reported. Eyewitnesses told Yemen Times locals in the area are afraid of similar earthquakes to hit the area in the days to come.

Two soldiers, Abdulkafi Al-Ba'adani and Ahmad Al-Qadami said a huge rocky mountain broke loose in Abdan District and according to the two soldiers, the rockslide damaged the road leading to the city of Taiz and blocked the traffic. On the following day, a geological team from Taiz University rushed to the scene of the rockslide, reported the occurrence and examined its causes.

Some people, however, attributed the rockslide to construction operations to cover the road surface with tarmac.