EC Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner:”Yemen needs a government that works for the people, not for itself” [Archives:2007/1049/Front Page]

May 10 2007

By: Nadia Al-Sakkaf
SANA'A, May 8 ) Until the very last minute Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner was taking questions from the press and activists and posing for photos even on her way to the airport. “We want to make an album for her, she wants her visit to Yemen to be memorable” explained her assistant. She commented on the negative publicity Yemen often gets because of the reasons why Yemen hits the news in Europe. However, she found hospitability and kindness in Yemen, which, she decided to convey to Europe, especially that Yemen is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of the expanded cooperation agreement with the EC. This is Ferrero-Waldner's first visit to Yemen, which was a stopping point on her way from Sharm Al-Sheikh in Egypt to Riyadh in KSA.

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