Economic development in YemenTourism is young: it needs help to grow [Archives:2003/681/Community]

October 30 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Taking interest in tourism in an organized official framework did not appear until the second half of the 20th century, and more accurately post World War II, where the need for entertainment for the participants in that war, in addition to the increase of income in Europe under the Marshal Project success, were the main triggers for such a trend.
So accordingly, humanitarian need and desire for tourism which was in the past an individual act now has become more organized and targets a wider range where events and programs have been designed for people to go around places getting entertained and gaining more knowledge especially regarding the different ways of life and the different aspects of land, societies…etc.
With the increase in the appeal to tourism and demand for it. both governments and individuals saw the great opportunities in this and invested widely on this new source of income. Hence programs for developing the tourism sector and working on events and sites that attracted people was the main concern for created ministries and tourism agencies. A process incorporated this industry in the general development strategies and linked this field with all other industries and services such as transportation and accommodation.
So a phenomenon has emerged from this concept and countries competed in attracting tourists and in creating a good place for themselves in the global media as a tourist place, eeping in mind the revenues and how to invest in the industry in order to develop the country in all aspects and not just that of tourism or related fields.
The tourist sector is considered one of the modern ones and still in its growing phase, hence it requires the maximum attention especially with the growing demand. Services and facilities and creative programs should be designed in order to grow the tourism sector and to encourage people to come to the country and exchange their hard currencies to improve the economy and national income, because this industry could be related to all other activities of the society.
Planning in the tourism sector has proved to be critical in order to comply with the global progress without compromising on the national values. In fact, to utilize tradition to attract tourists should be a basic point in the tourism plans. It’s an issue which is vital for the development of the country as a whole and a cause to establish social security and luxury for the citizens.