Economic situation encourages exchange marriages [Archives:2008/1199/Reportage]

October 16 2008
A women
A women’s marriage which happens through an exchange marriage agreement could be terminated just because the other couple involved in the exchange marriage is not happy. Photo By Amira Al-Sharif
By: Almigdad Mojalli and Maryam Al-Yemeni
Photos by:Amira Al-Sharif

Although the overwhelming majority of Yemeni people have become aware of the often horrible consequences of exchange marriages, many find themselves obliged to adopt it as the easiest way to get married.

An exchange marriage often aims to reduce the cost of entering into a marital union by giving the hand of a sister or daughter to the relative of a future bride. During the preparations for the exchange marriage, the two families buy the same requirements in order to be as economical as possible.

According to Mohammed Saeed Naji, a villager from the Bani Hushaish district, \”Instead of having two separate wedding ceremonies for a brother and sister