Economists skeptic of Dubai company operating the Container’s Port [Archives:2005/850/Front Page]

June 13 2005

The cabinet accepted in its session , last Thursday, the Dubai International company tender to operate and develop the port . The contest was between it and a number of other international companies. The contest was going into its second round.

The government's decision to accept Dubai's Company has aroused skepticism and wonder among economists.

Economists had assured that none can asses this tender unless the company reveals its commitments towards the project. But, this is the same company that is operating Dubai port ,and it is also undertaking to develop Djibouti port, this certainly arouses a matter of contradiction of interests. It won't be for the good of both the ports of Djibouti and Dubai To invest in the development of Aden port. This depends on the amount of investments this company will invest on the Industrial Area and the Airport.

The sources are asking whether the size of the investments would really develop and propagate Aden port. The government should publicly disclose these deals. Specially that the government had paid millions of dollar to Yeminvest company to waive its right in this project. This amount should bring in a good output.

It should be pointed out that the companies that had presented their bids were three. Two of them who were small (Kuwait Gulf company), which is unknown in the field of ports, and another one which is a Philpino company. This indicates that publicity was inadequate for this project, and the bigger companies abstained to respond to the tender for unknown reasons.