Economy News [Archives:2001/44/Business & Economy]

October 22 2001

Free Zone Signs 5 Agreements
The General Authority of the Aden Free Zone signed with a number of companies and organizations five agreements related to construction. About YR 182 million will be spent on the construction of a exhibit hall, trucks parking, and a 3,500 meter-long road.
Symposium on Second-Hand and Imported Products
An economic magazine published by Saba News Agency organized a symposium on importing of second-hand products, particularly second-hand cars. The symposium urged the government to take measures and enact laws which will regulate imports of second-hand cars in an effort to protect the environment.
Yemeni Salt Awarded a European Medal
The public Authority for Salt in Aden won a European gold medal for its high quality for the year 2001. This medal is a recognition of the high quality of Yemeni salt due to the high percentage of salt in the Arabian Sea.
Germany Finances New Projects
During a meeting of the Yemeni-German Committee, Germany promised to finance a number of projects in sanitation, health and family planning. The projects are estimated at DM 30 million per year.