Economy News [Archives:2001/47/Business & Economy]

November 19 2001

New budget ratified
The High Budget Committee in the Republic of Yemen has ratified the general budget bill concerning the independent, subordinate and economical budgets for the fiscal year 2002. In its last meeting, the committee placed great stress on the necessity to use 30 percent of saving funds to be invested in strategic projects and to support development in all aspects of life.

Flights to Aden Airport Increase
The number of passengers arriving at and departing from the Aden International Airport aboard the Yemenia domestic flights 28.328 passengers during the first half of 2001, registering an increase of 15 per cent in comparison with 2000.
Passengers on the Yemenia international flights increased to 15,858 people from 12,253 during the same period.

Agriculture Ministry Prepares Study over Water Projects
The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a technical study for the implementation of the government policies with the aim of increasing water projects. The number of water projects have totalled 491 in 2001 including damps, water catchments, etc., at the cost of YRs 7,984,000,000.