ECONOMY NEWS [Archives:2002/03/Business & Economy]

January 14 2002

USA to Finance Road Project in Hudaidah
US Ambassador to Yemen, Edmund Hull, confirmed the news that the US government would fund a set of infrastructure projects in Yemen. During launching a new road project financed by the US government in Hudaidah, Hull said the project would reduce the time needed for a journey of Yemeni agricultural products to Saudi Arabia by three hours.

Yemen-Turkish Committee to Hold a Meeting in February
The Yemeni-Turkish committee is to hold in mid-February a meeting for enhancing fields of cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries.

Egyptian Products Exhibition in Aden
More than 35 Egyptian companies are currently participating in the Egyptian Exhibition in Aden. The exhibition will last until January 20, 2002.

Montreal Fund to Finance Projects in Yemen
The executive committee of Montreal Fund agreed to finance two projects in Yemen. The Yemeni government submitted the request through a UN agency. The funds will be used for funding an artificial freezing project at the cost of US$ 200 thousand.
The fund also agreed to finance the extension project of the Ozone Unit at the General Authority for Environment Protection for the two upcoming years.