EDC meets in Taiz [Archives:2004/788/Local News]

November 8 2004

Taiz Bureau
The Taiz Economic Development Committee (EDC) met on Wednesday Nov. 3 at the Governorate Bureau chaired by Mohammed Al-Haj, Secretary General of the Local Council, head of the committee. The meeting included representatives from unions, handicraft and vocational societies, the commercial chamber, and social affairs, who reviewed the results of the workshop on work environment and the encouragement program GTZ-supported enterprises.
The Committee discussed the needs, problems and obstacles facing entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises.
The coming period will witness the participation of all professional categories. A committee is to be set up to define the duties of societies and evaluate them at later stages.
The meeting was attended by Mohammed Othman, deputy head of the committee, director of the industry office, Eng. Abdulnasser Al-Akhuli, director of the governor's office, and Ramzi Al-Hoory, secretary of the committee.