Editor attacked [Archives:2007/1065/Front Page]

July 5 2007

MARIB, July 3 ) Security forces attacked Marib Press Managing Editor Mohammed Al-Salahi and confiscated his camera while he was covering the Marib bombing attack that targeted Spanish tourists, wherein seven tourists and two Yemeni guides were killed and about the same number injured.

Though he was practicing his job as a journalist within the frame of the effective laws, Al-Salahi was attacked by the chief of Marib's Security Department's guards and confiscated his camera which contained 30 photos taken following the incident and were meant for international news agencies.

In a statement released by Marib Press which Yemen Times received a copy of, the web site called the Interior Minister Rashad Al-Alimi to fully investigate the incident and punish those responsible for the attack.

It also demanded full compensation of the material losses incurred by the confiscation of the camera, which contained highly valuable photos. It also clearly stressed that if their demands are not met, they will sue those responsible for the incident.

Moreover, the web site asked all pressmen and political activists to stand by them in support and in search for more freedom of the press.

Following the unjust incident several journalists and political activists denounced the attack against the managing editor of Marib Press, asking for a complete return of his camera, photos and full compensation for the losses incurred on the website.