Educated couples are better [Archives:2008/1197/Community]

October 9 2008

Adnan Al-Halmi
[email protected]

I would like to say happy Eid to all Muslims all over the world, and express my deep thanks and respect to Lamis Shuga'a for her contribution to this esteemed page of the readers' view in issue no.1193.

Broadly speaking, I agree with your smart idea that people must focus on aspects other than education when choosing a wife. Irrespective of a woman's education, the nature of both wife and husband is indeed very important.

I know men married to both educated and uneducated women who are living happily without any problem, and therefore advise youth not to be prey to the apparent importance of education when choosing a wife or husband. Above all else, one has to take great care in considering the nature and morality of one's life partner.

Specifically, education doesn't matter to the extent that some people think when they accuse educated women of being arrogant and proud, or of feeling superior to their husbands. Personally, I think that some educated women are more polite, modest and respected than uneducated women, and vice versa, so it is unfair to generalize.

But there are some points I want to clarify regarding men's refusal to marry educated women, especially if they are educated themselves.

Educated men claim that educated women are misguided by arrogance, pride, and superiority which leads to misunderstanding in marriage life because they are spoilt by the concept of modern romantic life in television programs imported from the west. It is natural that educated women feel proud and superior, but not so at the expense of their sweethearts.

When I recently asked one of my classmates what he thought of marrying an educated woman, he replied: “Do you want me to be bring a minister to my house to control me?””

Educated men have to correct this view of educated women