Educated or uneducated women: it depends! [Archives:2008/1193/Community]

September 25 2008

By: Lamis Abdulkarim Shuga'a
[email protected]

Above all, I would like to express my admiration of the last three articles by Maged Al-Kholidy, who as usual surprised us with interesting ideas in the issues 1171, 1173 and 1177 of this newspaper with his series “To marry educated or uneducated women”.

The importance of this topic lies in its effects on marital life and, in turn, on society as a whole. Choosing half of society, namely wives, is a significant and very serious step. It should not be taken lightly since marital life after that will depend on it.

An important point, which should be taken into account, is that marital problems are inevitable issues, regardless of the education of both women and men.

It would be better if men focused on different aspects of the issue, rather than solely considering a woman's education. In other words, marital problems will not be reduced because a woman is educated or uneducated. Instead, they will depend firstly on the nature of the wife, and secondly on the acceptance and satisfaction within that marriage and the intention of building it step by step, which, simply, come with love.

Indeed, marriage life will become hell if a woman, in nature, is rude and a troublemaker, regardless of whether she is educated or not. Many mothers and grandmothers, for example, are illiterate but, at the same time, wise and kind. Others make a hobby of creating problems, sometimes even beyond death! Some educated women are kind, yet others are careless at home and outside despite there education. Therefore, a marriage's success is not a matter of education. Rather, it is partly the nature, personality, morality and religious education of the wife which contribute to a successful marriage.

But a good marriage cannot depend entirely on a woman's good character. If a woman is forced to marry someone who treats her like a piece of furniture, do you think, dear reader, that their life will be calm? However, if a husband gently asks his wife not to go somewhere, justifying himself with acceptable reasons instead of ordering her about, do you think she will disobey him? This is what I mean by acceptance of each other. Thus love is the light which guides the way of husbands and wives, and keep obstacles to happiness far away.

In Al-Kholidy's last article, he wrote that: “Uneducated women never believe that there are normal relations between men and women.”” I disagree with this idea