Education cost [Archives:2007/1051/Community]

May 17 2007

Ghaleb Hassan Al-Ahlasi
[email protected]

When she was 12, Salwa promised herself to complete her education and entered the college. Day by day, she worked as hard as she could, studied the whole day and night. She had planned her way and had everything to complete it. After all, her dream became true and she graduated from the high school with a very good grades. Yet her mother and sister did every thing to encourage her to join college. But there is no perfect thing. Her fiance, who was working outside the country and had a very good job with a high salary, said he can't wait anymore, he wanted to get married.

“will, ok let's get married. But you must let me finish my education.” She said

“What do you mean?” He answered smiling

“”Does it really need an explanation?””