Education, education and English education [Archives:2008/1207/Viewpoint]

November 13 2008

Nadia Al-Saqqaf
It has been ten years since we first started the education page in the Yemen Times. Led by Dr. Ramakanta Sahu, English Associate professor at the University of Science and Technology, the idea started to fill a gap for Yemeni youth, especially university students, aspiring to improve their English.

Ten years have passed since then and there has been enormous feedback, as well as many contributions from students and readers. Although many of the educational materials are written by non-Yemeni professors, those who benefit are mostly Yemenis.

The education page, which today is a monthly supplement, aims at creating a platform for Yemenis to learn more about English, education and to interact with each other, especially as university communities.

The “Improve your English”” series