Education for the poor, discussion round at Taiz University [Archives:2003/676/Local News]

October 13 2003

Taiz,Yemen, 8 Oct,_ A discussion seminar on the role of education among the poor class of the society was organized at Taiz University last Sunday 5th of October.
The seminar was organized by Coordination Council for Combating Poverty Societies in Taiz which are working to endorsing the role of education in finding solutions for the problems of the poor so as to enable them practice a normal life especially when it comes to education.
The discussion was commenced by Mr. Mohammed Abdulmalik al-Haiagim deputy governor of Taiz who confirmed in his speech that combating poverty is a national responsibility and all sectors in the society should come together to eradicate it.
Dr. Mohammed al-Sofi Chancellor of the university attended the seminar as well as a number of academic staff, concerned authorities and members of the participating societies and NGOs.