Education office distributes foodstuffs to rural girls [Archives:2005/841/Local News]

May 12 2005

For the sake of motivating girls to enroll in schools, the Taiz education office, under orders of the ministry of education started distributing foodstuffs to girls living in rural areas.

Dr. Mahdi Abdussalam, general director of Taiz education office pointed out that the governorate of Taiz witnessed over the last few years an outstanding leaps in the field of education, and this is reflected in the establishment of 320 primary and secondary schools in different districts of the governorates.

In addition, there were the establishment of 39 private schools in which around 15,935 pupils of different grades are enrolled. The private schools are considered to lessen the burden upon public education facilities.

Unifying education had its positive effect in legislating the process of developing and updating the educational sector of the country.

Dr. Mahdi Abdussalam mentioned the number of schoolgirls in primary and secondary stages has increased to 299,289 in all the Yemeni governorates.

He added there are many educational projects are due to be implemented in the near future in the governorate of Taiz with a total cost of YR 263.3 billion.