Education strategy discussed [Archives:2006/995/Local News]

October 2 2006

ADEN, Nov. 1 ) The national education strategy, funded by the World Bank and Dutch government, aims to reconsider the education system in Yemeni universities, according to Saleh Ali Basurrah, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Basurrah added that the strategy focuses on updating courses in some Yemeni universities.

“Some people are expected to oppose the strategy application, this strategy is due to reconsider and update syllabuses, which have not been updated for years, in some Yemeni universities that have no plans,” said Basurrah.

Academic committees from different faculties will be in charge of assessing university syllabuses and suggesting plans for the new education system.

The new system boosts the specializations demanded by the labour market and provides learners with the necessary skills to cope with current job-market demands.

Basurrah emphasized the necessity of reshuffling the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, viewing it as the party concerned with supervising education programs and coordinating between educational institutions nationwide.

According to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Yemen lacks the necessary funding to improve the quality of education. He said there is a proposal for establishing an authority for scientific research, due to be funded by non-governmental and international organizations.