Educational administration for the gifted established [Archives:2003/685/Local News]

November 13 2003

SANA’A Nov. 12 – Ministerial decree No. 423 for 2003 has been recently issued by the Minister of Education, Dr. Abdussalam al-Jawfi to establish an administration for the gifted and talented students .
Special attention has been paid to Yemen’s brightest youth by the government.
Mr. Waleed Qaed Mukred was appointed as the Director of the Gifted & Talented administration.
Mukred stressed that Yemen’s schools possess a large number the talented and gifted students, who are in need of attention.
“This is because, the administration has been currently working to prepare plans, programs, policies and activities for the upcoming years,” the Director remarked.
Mr. Mukred highlighted that educational initiatives for the gifted and talented are short-lived. “New programs are more likely to develop and endure if they are based on relevant school policy and implemented through a team approach that should be developed through consultation in the school and community,” he commented.