Educational Meeting in Aden [Archives:2000/16/Local News]

April 17 2000

Under the motto “A Step Towards Evaluating the Past”, General Authority for Scientific Institutions held an educational meeting in Aden. The meeting took place at Al-Baihani scientific institution hall, on last Thursday, April 13, 2000. The meeting was attended by directors of schools, vice-directors of scientific institutions, inspectors of Qur’an schools, and more than 56 participants.
The General Manager of Scientific Institutions, Mr. Abdulhakeim Hamid Ahmed welcomed Mr. Waheed Ali Rashid, Deputy Governor of Aden, Mr. Salem Mughlas, General Manager of Inspection Office at the Ministry of Education, and all guests who attended the meeting.
The participants discussed the papers presented on this meeting that recommended strategies for developing the educational level of students and ensuring qualitative and improvement of scientific institutions.