Educative course on Human Rights [Archives:2006/966/Local News]

July 24 2006

ADEN, July 22 ) In collaboration with the German Friedrich Ebert Establishment, the Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies (YCHRS) organized a training course for young people affiliated to parties, Civil Society Organizations (SCO) and human rights activists.

Held over five days, the course will be attended by 60 participants, representing parties and political organizations from Aden, Lahj, Al-Mahara, Shabowa, Al-Dhalae and Abyan.

Mohammed Qasim Nouman, chairman of YCHRS, declared that the aim behind conducting this course is to create a certain type of understanding and dialogue between participants in a manner full of democratic spirit.

He also noted that the course will include lectures concerning international legislation and human rights in Islam, as well as lectures on basic human rights, the conditions and aspects of wise governance, and freedom of speech.

Furthermore, Nouman pointed out the role to be played by SCO will be to spread democracy and human rights culture and to enable women to fulfill their role in political and public life.

He additionally expressed his sorrow over the war waged by Israel on Lebanon and Palestine due to international silence. He also hinted at the violations of human rights committed by Israel, which represent violations of international treaties on human rights.