EFAD inaugurates project in Dhamar [Archives:2004/800/Community]

December 20 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Ahmed Sofan, , a workshop on “inauguration of Dhamar Rural Development Project” was held Wednesday Dec.14.
Ahmed Sofan and Hassan Omar Sowaid, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation along with Abdualwahab AL-Dorah, Governor of Dhamar, attended the inauguration.
Dr. Fatihia Bahran, Head of Women Economic Empowerment Association (WEEA) and Project Manager, delivered speech in which she gave a detailed account of the workshop and revealed the importance of implementing the developmental project.
“Today's workshop is very crucial as it will draw the first steps of implementing the project. It is an initiative paving the way for the project through its 7-year period. It will cover a number of districts in Dhamar governorate. The aim of this workshop is to give a chance to the representatives of all the interested parties from the project management, local councils and other governmental sectors to form a perfect concepts and deep understanding about the project content, goals, strategy and mechanisms.”
Dr. Bahran said,” The Dhamar Rural Development Project is one of a series being implemented in a number of governorates all over Yemen. It is a result of cooperation between Yemen and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) as well as some international organizations. The project aims at enhancing food insurance and increasing the family income to overcome poverty. It also aims to improve the standards of living of the poor families particularly women.”
Mr. Mohammed A. Hassani, Country Portfolio Manager at the Program, delivered a speech in which he said “IFAD (International Fund for Agriculture Development) and the government of Yemen have been working together for the two past decades formulating and implementing projects and programs throughout the country. The goal behind that is to provide food and security as well as to upgrade the living standards of those living in a remote areas. They experience a lack of infrastructure and live on rain-fed agriculture.
He added: “The Rural Development Project in Dhamar is being implemented by the government within the frame of Poverty Alleviation Strategy. It focuses on the poorest areas of Dhamar. Its activities will be planned and implemented in a way involving all stakeholders. The project involves the participation of non-organizations and articulates endogenous technologies and knowledge.
He further said “One important aspects of this project is its emphasis on gender mainstream, by ensuring full participation of women in its components.
Regarding the administration of the project, it should be noted that this is the first IFAD-project to be managed by women.
Dr. Farhia Bahran who has been chosen as the Project Manager through an open transparent and competitive process.”
Hassani concluded “I must say this experience was a successful and enriching; all the participants either from the local council, the participating ministries or the project administration unit had demonstrated full understanding of the project, its approach, its implementations strategy and above all their readiness to adhere and implement its approach. The success of this workshop should be attributed to Dr. Bahran and her staff who worked very hard.