Efforts Deserve Thanks [Archives:2001/32/Focus]

August 6 2001

Yasser M. Ahmed
Sana’a is the face of Yemen, since it’s the historical capital of the country and all humane civilizations. Its age reaches back thousands of years. No wonder it is the most ancient city in the world. It still preserves its heritage to this day, hence looking after it should be equivalent to its place.
During previous years, Sana’a didn’t receive any attention, nor any efforts that deserve thanks which can present Sana’a as a clean and planned capital. the cause refers to that the people who manage its affairs don’t emptize their time for it.
But after appointing Mr. Ahmad Al-kuhlani as mayor of Sana’a city, many changes for the better took place and reflect on both the city and its people. Those changes indicate the efforts that Mr. Al-kuhlani and his management make for starting the reformation of Sana’a, are not easy or simple. On the contrary, they deserve thanks and appreciation, because they quickly rescue people.
After those efforts we find streets and residential areas that have never before been lit up, beginning to be lit as a result of wise management. Moreover, sewage works have begun to be prepared, and all road barriers are removed.
In addition, that paper which includes plans on cleanness and which has been distributed to all the media and social groups. All that indicates how much enlightened that person is the person who connects the cleanness of the capital with efforts of all groups of society. and that in itself.
So, the mayor’s enthusiastic endeavors should continue as they are. We also should extend a helping hand to that person who wants to create something beautiful and not to frustrate any one who wants to do something.
And here we should say that all the media, independent or opposition’s newspapers, should look at successful people through the eye of justice. And to criticize constructively every one wants to evaluate his works, but not to ignore any success of any official claiming it as opposition and useless critization. And this is very unjust.
Journalism worldwide (opposition or independent) agrees with the ones who serve the interest of society as a moral tradition. and it doesn’t ignore any success of any official even if that official belongs to a party which doesn’t represent those newspapers.
Hence, those newspapers create a kind of awareness in the society lying on respecting principles and laws serving society and work to develop society. On the other hand, public don’t say about those newspapers that they compliment that official. On the contrary, they say that those newspapers become more respectable when they treat justly those who work hard. So, journalism hold its responsibility successfully and becomes an important forum for enlightening society and forging social relationships.
Thank you Mr. Ahmad Al-kuhlani.