Efforts to bridge gaps between Yemen and Egypt continue [Archives:2004/711/Local News]

February 12 2004

Following the return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Yemen after what has been called 'a successful visit' to Egypt, Yemeni official sources said that efforts to bridge gaps between the two countries will continue towards achieving an optimum degree of understanding.
President Saleh and his Egyptian counterpart Mohammad Hosni Mubarak concluded their talks in the presidency headquarters in Cairo Tuesday and pledged to continue efforts to bring the two countries together and create a common platform in preparation for the upcoming Arab summit to convene in Tunis next month.
During the talks, the two presidents discussed issues of mutual benefit concerning cooperation in trade and security, particularly in the fields of intelligence information exchange, fighting terrorism, limiting drug trafficking as well as combating criminal acts. They also discussed the situation in Palestinian occupied territories and Iraq as well as means to enhance Arab joint.
Meanwhile, President Ali Abdullah Saleh received in his residence suite in Cairo on Monday Secretary General of Arab league Amr Musa, who was in Yemen a month ago to participate in the regional conference held in Sanaa.
The discussions focused on arrangements for holding the next Arab summit and means of bolstering joint Arab work in the light of presented initiatives from some Arab countries including Yemen.
On the other hand, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher expressed confidence in that Yemeni-Egyptian relations are too stronger to be disrupted by any disagreements.
Maher added that the two leaders discussed Arab issues and expressed their mutual desire to improve Arab joint work.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Abdulqader ba Jammal praised, in an interview with the Egyptian Nile channel, the relations and cooperation in various areas between Yemen and Egypt.
He referred in the interview to the need to enhance economic cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries, indicating that the forthcoming Arab summit will witness a common vision presented by President Saleh and Mubarak to strengthen relations on the political, economic and cultural levels among all Arab countries.