Efforts to bring awareness of SARS [Archives:2003/642/Local News]

June 19 2003

The supreme committee for fighting Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome disease (SARS) had on its Tuesday, 10 June meeting in Sana'a reviewed and valuated its activity for the past period.
Dr. Abdualkareem Shaiban, health ministry undersecretary for of health ministry for medical services said the supreme committee had discussed what had been taken of necessary precautionary and preventive measures against SARS, especially at land, sea and air inlets in all the governorates of the republic.
He said that all the needs that must be provided in quarantines were discussed as well as discussing the project of building febricity hospitals and quarantine centers, indicating that the supreme committee recommended that committees formed for this purpose should carry out national plan for fighting SARS and complete field inspection visits to the inlets in general.
SARS has caused panic throughout the world but signals showing that it is slowing down are starting to emerge.