Efforts to end phone call theft [Archives:2003/664/Local News]

September 1 2003

Sanaa, August 30 – The Ministry of Telecommunications disclosed last week a large-scale operation to stop all illegal international phone calls originating from Yemen.
Engineer Kamal Al-Gabri, the General Manger of the Yemen's wired and wireless telecommunications cooperation stressed that Yemen is indeed losing tremendously because of international phone call theft. He estimated the loss at millions of US dollars monthly.
He added that the matter is a threat that touches the national security of the country and those who practice phone call theft benefit so little compared to the great losses caused to the national economy in lost credit.
Al-Gabri added that a number of illegal networks making such illegal calls through the Internet or small satellite connections were discovered in Sana'a City. He said that their equipment has been confiscated and they will be referred to courts for trial.
He concluded his statement by stressing that “anyone caught red-handed while using this illegal service will be taken to court. Many measures were taken in cooperation with GSM providers to remove any barriers or restrictions the general authority of telecommunications had faced in the past in order to observe and identify illegal calls, and those who carry them out.”