Egyptian-based awardsFour Yemeni businessmen honored [Archives:2004/705/Local News]

January 22 2004

By Muneer Mohammed Saeed
Yemen Times
Aden Bureau

CAIRO ) Al-Raie Al-A'am International House has granted its prizes for 2003 to a number of Yemeni businessmen.
It is a prize usually granted to leaders and pioneers in economy, industry, investments, banks and top businessmen in the Arab world.
The honoring ceremony was held at one of the biggest hotels in Cairo on Jan. 16, and was attended by representatives from various Arab countries.
Ali Abdulla al-Waziri, chairman of Al-Waziri company for general trade and cement marketing and transport, was awarded from Yemen.
He was granted the Golden Crown and International Golden Document for pioneering, economy and international excellence, for his prominent role in developing a fleet of transportation.
Economist Eng. Saleh Mohammed Bahoul, chairman of the board of directors of Mukalla Factory for Fish Canning /Al Ghuaizi, was granted the prize of International Golden Knight in appreciation for his pioneering efforts in development of the fishing sector in Yemen, and his great role in supporting the Yemeni national economy.
Businessman Mohammed Ahmed Juman had been awarded the International Golden Knight and the Golden Document for pioneering and economy and international excellence for his prominent role in establishment of educational and economic projects and services of social issues.
The International Golden Knight prize and the Golden Document was granted to the Yemeni Businessman Sharaf Sallam Qassem, chairman of the board of directors of al-Qassem company, for regional and world maritime navigation movement.