Egyptian Circus Troop puts on good show, spectators satisfied [Archives:2006/968/Last Page]

August 31 2006
Photo from archived article: photos/968/lastpage1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/968/lastpage1_1
By: Fatima Al-Ajel
[email protected]

As part of the Sana'a Summer Festival, the Egyptian National Circus Troop performed many concerts at Al-Saba'een Park and Al-Ahli Club's Closed Hall. It was the troop's first appearance in Yemen after accepting an invitation from Yemen's Ministry of Tourism.

The troop's participation was coordinated by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Embassy in Sana'a.

Circus manager Sa'eed Al-Eshari said, “We came in a small delegation and this was the troop's first visit to Yemen, which proved to be a success. The Yemeni and Egyptian sides made commendable efforts to facilitate the troop's participation in the Sana'a Summer Festival. Fatima Al-Addoul, Chairwoman of Popular Arts in Cairo, was one of the first participants of the event.”

On behalf of the circus members, troop supervisor Hussein Zaki mentioned that the visiting group consisted of 15 members, including three women who usually perform magic acts.

Regarding preparations and facilities, Zaki noted, “This performance was simple due to the modest facilities the Ministry of Tourism provided. We hope to perform better in the future.”

Reflecting on his impression of the troop members, magician Hassan Kamal Mohamed said, “I'm happy with the participation. I've been pursuing this career since 1979, in addition to other skills.”

Troop member Laila Al-Jahri indicated that there's a specialized circus training school in her country, where she began training as a child. Asked about any risks she faces, she replied that there's no risk and she's capable of performing various acts, thanks to continuous training and long experience. “I was happy with the interaction Yemenis displayed and I hope to visit Yemen again,” Al-Jahri commented.

Fellow troop member, cyclist Usama Yasin, said, “I perform the role of cycling. I've been pursing this career for 10 years and the circus for 30 years.”

Established in 1962, the troop began performing in Egypt in 1966, pursuing various shows over the past 40 years. According to Zaki, it was the first circus troop in the Middle East and the Arab world. “Russians contributed to establishing the troop in 1962, as Russian experts and trainers were the first to take part in the performances following its creation,” he added.

Troop activities

Consisting of 50 members distributed over various countries, Zaki noted that the troop visits numerous Arab and foreign countries throughout the year, increasing its activities during the summer in places like Dubai and Kuwait.

Adel Al-Khawlani, head of the summer festival's Circus Organizing Committee, stated, “In cooperation with Egypt's Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Embassy in Sana'a, the delegation was invited to the event. Along with many other Arab troops, the troop was invited to begin performing August 5.”

Attending the event with his family and friends, spectator Khalid Al-Haddeed noted that he was pleased by the Egyptian Circus Troop's performance, scheduled to continue performing until August 1.

Fellow spectator Samia Mohamed said she was satisfied with the troop's show; however, she remarked that the organization wasn't good.