Egyptian exhibition opens [Archives:2002/46/Local News]

November 11 2002

TAIZ-The Egyptian Products Exhibition was opened in Taiz last Thursday by Taiz Deputy Governor Mohammed Al Haijem.
The exhibition is organized by Atawheed Company for exhibitions in co-operation with the Apollo international exhibitions from October 29 to November 9.
“The exhibition’s purpose is to develop the trade exchange between Yemen and Egypt and inform Yemeni consumers about our products. I can tell you that the trade exchange has increased about 30 per cent from the last year, and we are interested in buying Yemeni products like fresh fish and canned fish,” said Abdulwahab Mohammed, head of the commercial office in the Egyptian Embassy.
“Holding such exhibitions is geared to open new markets for the Egyptian products in Yemen. This is the first exhibition in Taiz with the participation of 36 Egyptian companies, and it includes household products, clothes, shoes, comics, electronics, and furnishings.
There is also some musical shows of Egyptian folklore performed by an Apollo band for Egyptian popular arts,” said Adel Khaleel, of the Exhibition organizing company. It is worth mentioning that the first Egyptian exhibition held in Yemen was in 1995 and was duplicated every year.