Egyptian Premier [Archives:1997/40/Front Page]

October 6 1997

in Sanaa on November 6th YEMEN & EGYPT WARM UP TO EACH OTHER Yemen and Egypt have decided to strengthen their bilateral relations and to coordinate their regional and international policies. In a visible link up between the two countries, several steps are being taken to bring the two fraternal Arab countries closer. On November 6th, Dr. Kamal Al-Janzoury, Prime Minister of Egypt, will pay an official visit to Sanaa, his first ever. He will lead a large delegation of officials and businessmen who will engage in cooperation discussions with their Yemeni counterparts. Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani, Chairman of the Consultative Council, is scheduled to land in Cairo a month later the head of a large delegation. Egyptian Culture Minister, Dr. Farooq Hosni, has just concluded a visit to Yemen. The 2 sides plan to coordinate external policies to maximize their input in regional matters.