Egyptian security arrest Yemeni official [Archives:2007/1018/Local News]

January 22 2007

CAIRO, Jan. 21 ) An Egyptian newspaper reported that the General Administration of Al-Jeeza Investigations arrested a Yemeni official trying to break in the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Jan. 16.

The Yemeni Maj. Abdulsalam Dahhan Al-Masheli pretended to be a Jewish cosmetics merchant and wanted to finish some privileges relating to his time in Cairo.

Egypt's Al-Misryon newspaper pointed out that Gen. Adel Al-Hilali, the chief of Al-Jeeza security department received a notice from the concerned officials in the Israeli Embassy stating they arrested Al-Masheli, 36.

When the officials asked him to present his identity card to make sure of his identity, it became clear that Al-Masheli was Yemeni to the police officials.

An official at the Interior Ministry, who declined to give his name, said Al-Masheli has psychological problems and he traveled to Cairo for treatment. The official went on to say that his ministry is following his case in Cairo and it managed to resolve the problem with Egyptian authorities.

Yemeni Consul in Cairo, Ali Al-Ayyashi, told the Egyptian Akhbar Al-Yum that Al-Mashli is mentally ill and he traveled Cairo for treatment with his sister who studies there.

Al-Ayyashi further stated that Yemen's Ambassador to Egypt, Abdulghani Al-Shamiri, intervened to solve the problem and they agreed to give Al-Masheli additional time to complete his treatment. Later the Yemeni Embassy received him and admitted him to a specialized center and he will be deported and returned to Yemen.