Eid Celebrations in Aden [Archives:2000/12/Local News]

March 20 2000

As an unusual phenomenon for this Eid, the commercial and economic capital of Yemen, Aden, is at present swarmed with large crowds of visitors coming from Sana’a, Taiz, Ibb and other governorates as well of diplomats and foreigners to spend the Eid holidays. What is most interesting is to see a new phenomenon that started to occur, folklore dance “Al-Baraga”. During the last few days, citizens have been seeing tens of military cars carrying soldiers in civil clothes transporting them to Aden. Groups of musicians have also accompanied them playing all different kinds of folklore dance music tools like drums and flutes. In addition, more than 2000 people from Yafe’e gathered to perform folklore dances in Al-Mansoura where many of them live.
What’s more, many families who came from other governorates complained of the unavailability of residence. Some families in Aden have even started renting their houses to visitors for YR 5000-9000 a day. Groups of youths have camped on beaches instead of renting in hotels which had been reserved long time before Eid for wealthy people and foreigners.